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Did you sustain an injury from a car accident or playing a recreational activity? Maybe you hurt your back at work or just trying to help a friend move. Whatever the reason for your pain, the bottom line is it's there and it doesn't feel good. Back pain zap your energy, mood and suck the life out of you. Depending on the severity it can be extremely debilitating. Even minor back pain will have you sidelined from doing the things you love. Unfortunately, pain medication can begin to lose its potency and finding relief may seem next to impossible. 

We understand and we can help with our back pain treatments in Altoona, PA. We know it hurts and we know that finding relief probably seems impossible at times. If you feel like no back pain treatment will work, then just give us a chance. We've had great success with our patients experiencing relief from their pack pain in a matter of weeks. We'll start with an exam and xrays to ensure the proper diagnosis. We have many reliable specialists on staff who can help with pain management, relief exercises and stretches or massages. Our dedicated service to our patients is unmatched. 

Call us for an appointment for back pain treatments in Altoona, PA. If you suffer from a pinched or herniated disc, sciatica, low back strain, nighttime back pain or pain caused by something unknown, we can help. Everything that your body does is in some way connected to your spinal cord and when it hurts, it can throw whole system out of whack. If you feel like you've been put together all wrong, we can help with adjustments and alignments to improve your symptoms and your life. Don't waste anymore time hurting.

Visit Dongell Chiropractic, where all your pain problems are solved.

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